shed delivery free
deliver sheds with Mule
unloading the storage shed
backyard with shed
over the curb with shed
place sheds in tight places
the Mule backs away
shed in place ready to go
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Storage Shed and Prefab Garage Delivery for PA, DE, MD, NY, NJ, CT, VA

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1. Loaded Sheds are ready for delivery
2. The sheds arrive at the location
3. Unloading the storage shed
4. Up and over the curb
5. Into the yard with the shed
6. Past the obstacles
7. Onto the pad
9. Ready to go
8. Remove the dolly wheels
At Sheds Unlimited we have graduated from the tradition storage shed delivery methods used by most of our competition. The MULE installation is now available on all of our prefabricated storage sheds for NO ADDITIONAL COST. We are serious about protecting your property to the best of our ability.

You will love the proficiency of the new state-of-the-art shed delivery
MULE's. These outdoor shed carriers are handcrafted to ensure that the installation is performed in the most efficient manner possible. Furthermore, the shed and barn delivery MULE allows Sheds Unlimited to place each storage building on the prepared site all without driving a loaded truck and trailer over the lawn and into your precious backyard. This greatly reduces lawn damage and allows Wood Sheds, Vinyl Sheds, Classic Sheds and our Premier Garden Sheds to be placed in very tight positions.

At Sheds Unlimited we strive for the best in the outdoor storage shed industry. From our customer service when you first call in to our garden shed and prefab garage designs, our goal is to serve our customers with the best in the region.
The "MULE" at Work
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