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Amish Made Chicken House Coops on Sale

A Simple A-Frame Chicken House Coops

Chicken House Coops For Sale - Amish Made
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Buy an Amish made Chicken House
Chicken House Run Portable
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purchase a chicken coop online
Best chicken coops online
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Chicken House Nesting Boxes
As in all of our chicken coops, our A-Frame Chicken Houses come with a row of nesting boxes. The smallest coop is made for six chickens and comes with two boxes. Larger chicken house plans can have many more.
Simple Chicken Coop Design
The simple A-Frame chicken house design comes with a small overhang on the sides and gable ends. Paint comes in a variety of siding colors and trim paint colors.
Metal Roof on the Chicken House
Asphalt roof is the standard on our chicken coops, but we also offer metal roofing on our simple chicken houses and coops. We have small and large backyard chicken coop designs to meet nearly every need.
Windows on the Chicken House
Our backyard chicken house coops offer one or two windows as a standard feature. Add more windows for a reasonable price and let your chickens enjoy the ventilation of the summer breezes.
LP Tech-Sheild Roof Sheathing
All of our Chicken Coops at Sheds Unlimited come standard with LP Tech Shield in the roof. This foil-backed product keeps your chickens cooler and thus heathier on hot summer days.
Chicken House Coops from Sheds Unlimited are quality built and practically suited for the backyard. With the easy to access chicken nesting boxes and a large entry door for cleaning the chicken pen, you will love our line of chicken house coops. Our Amish built chicken house coops are available for shipping from New York to Maine and from Maryland to Utah and everywhere in-between! CALL 717-442-3281 – Email: office@shedsunlimited.net
Portable Chicken House with Wheels
Make your Chicken House truly mobile by adding the wheel assembly. It will then be very simple to move into different parts of the property to ensure your chickens get the best areas of roam.
Add Options to a Chicken House Coop
Mini Chicken Coop
Designed for 2-4 Hens. Shop the Online Store!
Pull Handle for the Chicken House Coops
The portable chicken coop with wheels comes with a handle for moving manually. By attaching the handle and have one or two helpers to push, you can move the portable chicken house around your property.
Hen House Coops
Many Sizes for 6 to 24 chickens or ducks.
Chicken House Tractor Hitch
The tractor attachment for the Chicken House Coop makes the job of relocating your backyard coop very simple. Simply hook it to your lawn tractor or ATV and away you go!
A-Frame Chicken Houses hold from 4 to 104 chickens! Add wheels.
Chicken House with Run
This 3'x4' Chicken Run is a great addition from the smallest to the largest backyard coop. Buy this with your coop for $225.00 to $275.00 and give your chickens room outside with limits.
Amish Barn Coops
offer a sense of Amish tradition for your backyard.
Glass-Board Flooring Inside the Coop
As in all of our chicken coops, we offer glass-board flooring for ease of cleaning. This smooth surface makes cleaning the Chicken House Coop a breeze.
Classic Coop with Run offers a run and coop under one roof.
717-442-3281 - office@shedsunlimited.net
Poultry Chicken Coops offer a sense of Amish tradition for your backyard.
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