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Increasingly folks are working from home and need a backyard space or custom outbuildings for creating an office. Sheds Unlimited offers multitudes of custom prefab outbuildings and shed choices for creating the perfect backyard office shed. Buy a Premier Storage Shed and customize it for a prefab office shed, consider a Classic Expressions Poolhouse or design your own backyard office shed for delivery to PA, NJ, NY, CT, DE, MD, VA, WV and beyond. Whatever your needs feel free to call us at 717-442-3281 for a FREE ESTIMATE on the backyard studio retreat or office shed of your choice. We will help you design the building and make it the perfect place for work, relaxation or a small cabin.
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Looking for a small backyard office shed or Amish outbuilding for your home? Sheds Unlimited will create a lovely backyard space from which you can work from your home. Our office sheds are for sale direct from the manufacturer meaning you will save hard earned cash. Rather than going to a manufacturer of office cubes who will charge thousands of dollars more than necessary, consider buying a backyard outbuilding from Sheds Unlimited and finishing it out as your very own outdoor office shed. You could easily save thousands of dollars and have a sturdy prefab office shed in your backyard.

The building on the right offers a dormer with round top glass, double doors with full glass to allow plenty of light into your backyard office pod and windows so you can look out and enjoy the sunshine. Add even more windows on the gable ends to allow for more light to enter your backyard workspace and you will have a cozy home office shed from which to work. Call us at 717-442-3281 and find out what it takes to begin creating your very own backyard office shed plans or EMAIL US for a FREE ESTIMATE!

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How about buying a two story shed from Sheds Unlimited and finishing it out as a garden office shed and apartment. The featured office shed is a two story Legacy with a bathroom and fully finished on the interior. The second floor of our Legacy Two Story Sheds and Garages have plenty of space for a small apartment on the second floor, workshop space for a home based business or an office on one floor and an art studio or a backyard guest house on another floor.

There are a vast array of options on the two story shed regarding a backyard
office studio or a small backyard workshop. It could be a perfect backyard getaway or backyard retreat to enjoy all year round! And don't forget that the Sheds Unlimited two story sheds and garages can be shipped as modular storage sheds making it possible to move your BACKYARD OFFICE SHED should the need arise.

Call us at 717-442-3281 and find out what it takes to begin creating your very own backyard office shed plans or EMAIL US for a FREE ESTIMATE!
#8700 Outdoor Garden Shed Office
Features: Double Full Glass Doors, Round Top Windows, Cedar Impressions Siding
Two Story Modular Office Shed in Lancaster, PA
Features: Two Full Glass Doors, 30x54 Windows, Full Second Floor with Stairs
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This round hexagon shed would be perfect as a backyard office outbuilding at home. It offers a small space with plenty of light and an unusual design. It would fit nicely into a small backyard corner allowing you to keep a small space as open as possible while still having the outdoor office space that you need.

This backyard outbuilding office shed has beautiful 15 light glass doors, special order windows with a round top and could be shipped as an office kit unit via common carrier anywhere in the lower 48 states.

Buy this backyard office shed and do the finishing touches on the inside. You can make this backyard office unit a perfect match for your needs at a very reasonable cost. Rather than buying a completed office unit to over $10,000 dollars, this portable office unit could be yours for only a few thousand dollars.

Call us at 717-442-3281 and find out what it takes to begin creating your very own backyard office shed plans or EMAIL US for a FREE ESTIMATE!
#592 Corner Hexagon Outdoor Office Shed
Features: Double Full Glass Doors, Round Top Window