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Portable storage sheds from Sheds Unlimited have near limitless uses. Buy a storage shed and transform it into a backyard art studio, a home photography studio or a home recording studio. Here you will find backyard studio ideas from Sheds Unlimited INC. We offer you many options for a home art studio or the studio retreat of your choice. Whatever your needs feel free to call us at 717-442-3281 for a FREE ESTIMATE on the backyard art studio shed of your choice. We can also design a backyard office shed or a small home studio retreat for your backyard. Simply EMAIL US with the details of your project and ask for a FREE ESTIMATE including shipping.
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Margaret began pondering the idea of an AT HOME ART STUDIO after a dream awakened a new passion within her. She dreamt that she met Jesus and he aske her "Where are all the paintings?" A bit bewildered she awoke from the dream and soon discovered a new passion for art. She enrolled her sons and husband into art school but not until later did she discover her own passion for art.

After some time Margaret began pursing the new venture by learning to paint and discovered a passion which had been dormant for decades! Painting became a the joy of her life as she spent countless hours creating masterpieces of her own. At first she painted from her home in Perkasie, PA. But when that became a bit tight, she discovered Sheds Unlimited on the web and began dreaming of her own HOME ART STUDIO.

After visiting Sheds Unlimited in Lancaster County, PA her and her husband decided on a Legacy Two Story Shed which they would convert into a home art studio. They purchased the building and spent several months finishing out the interior. With only $5,000.00 in materials and many man hours of work wiring, insulating and drywalling the interior, this lovely backyard art studio was born.

Every Thursday morning Margarat holds art classes in the home art studio. She has a gallery of art throughout this marvelously finished two story home art studio. It is a quiet, bright and warm atmosphere where she can focus on her passion of painting and art. See her beautiful artwork.

If you are looking for a
small backyard studio for work, an in home art studio, photography studio or even an at home recording studio, then check out the many options in our line of backyard storage sheds. We offer Two-Story Sheds and Barns which could be transformed into a beautiful backyard art studio and smaller storage sheds and barns which could serve as a lovely backyard studio shed for work or play. Call Sheds Unlimited at 717-442-3281 to learn more about creating your own BACKYARD RETREAT or workshop. Or email us with the details of what you are looking for.
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