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Welcome to the Sheds Unlimited outdoor Swimming Pool House Collection. We are happy to display the amazing range of options in our backyard pool house buildings. On this page we offer the Classic Expressions swimming pool house with a wide front overhang and two pillars. We also offer the Swimming Pool House Cabana with a hip roof and porch as well. If you are looking for a portable backyard pool house from the Amish, then look no further. Look at the prices, consider your pool house options and contact us to buy that beautiful backyard pool house. And don't forget that our delivery area reaches PA, NJ, NY, CT, DE, MD, VA and beyond. Please feel free to contact us at 717-442-3281 and speak with one of our professional sales reps or email
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Vinyl: Clay- Trim: White - Roof: Black
#9974 10x16 Classic Expressions Pool House
Optional features pictured: Gable Vents - Rain Spouting - Dining Bar - 36x36 WIndows
The Sheds Unlimited Swimming Pool House Collection offers an aboundance of features and backyard swimming pool house options. First, we offer our outdoor pool houses in Wood, Vinyl, Classic and Premier models. Not only that, there are countless customizing outdoor pool house design options available for your new building. Check out the pictures above and see the features of our Porch Pool House Cabana and the Classic Expression Pool House designs. You will find backyard pool houses which are both practical and customizable for many different uses. Add a bathroom to your poolhouse, wall off a changing room in your pool house, consider adding more windows to bring plenty of light into the pool house or add screening to the Pool House Cabana for those cool summer evenings when the kids are swimming and its time for mom and dad to relax in the shade. Whatever your poolhouse needs are, please feel free to contact us at 717-442-3281 today for a FREE ESTIMATE on a backyard poolhouse shed with the options of your choice. Or email us at to request more information on our outdoor pool houses and cabanas.
Double Doors and a 3' Single Entrace Door are included in the Pool House Cabana. Vinyl Pool Houses include 11 lite glass in the doors and wooden building offer the standard woden doors. We offer many options to add style and ease of access to your pool house.
The Porch Pool House includes a wooden or vinyl porch with railing. Vinyl Pool Houses include the top and bottom rail as well as Trex Flooring and Outdoor Wooden Pool House includes only the bottom rail. Add screeing to the pool cabana porch as an option.
Windows are included in all of our pool house models. The wooden poolhouses include two 18x23 windows and shutters and the Vinyl and Classic Pool House includes two 24"x36" windows while the Premier includes four windows and four transomes.
The Classic Expressions Pool House includes a beautiful A-Frame Dormer with a Half Moon window. This special feature adds charm to the outside of the Pool House Shed giving you a more beautiful backyard to enjoy all summer long.
The 15 Lite Door Double Door on this swimming pool house nsures both plenty of light inside and a lovely look on the outside of the backyard pool house.Add another 3' Door for ease of access for storing pool equipment or lawn and garden furniture.
Classic Vinyl
Classic Dura
10x14 Classic Expressions Poolhouse Shed
Standard Features: 7' Walls - 3' Porch Area - Two Vinyl Posts- A-Frame Dormer - 15 Lite Glass in Doors - Two 24"x36" Windows
Optional Swimming Pool House Features Pictured: - Classic Gable Vents
#13134 12x14 Premier Garden Poolhouse in Wood
Optional Features Pictured: Cupola and Larger Windows
The Optional Dining Bar makes this outdoor poolhouse a place for the entire family to enjoy. Let the kids enjoy an evening swimming in the pool while mom and dad enjoy their favorite beverages. The bar stools are not included.
The Porch Pool House Cabana
The Classic Expression Pool House
The Vinyl Pool House Cabana includes a Hip Roof design while the wood pool house offers the standard A-Frame roof. Hip roof can be added to any wooden building as an option. Add ridge vent or a vented cupola to your backyard pool house shed.
Top it off with a wide front overhang and two pillars on the Classic Expressions Pool House and you will have a backyard poolhouse with an extra touch of beauty to make this pool house stand out from the rest.
Call 717-442-3281 for a FREE ESTIMATE on a Classic Expressions Pool House or EMAIL US.
Standard Classic Expressions Features:
15 Lite Double Doors - Two 24"x36" Windows
Two Pillars - Wide Overhang
A-Frame Dormer with Half Moon Window
Classic Expressions PoolHouse Details:
10' Building: 8' Enclosed with 30" Overhang
12' Building 10' Enclosed with 30" Overhang
12' Building: Permit and Escort Fees will Apply
** Scroll Down for More Poolhouse Features
The Porch Pool House Cabana
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