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The outdoor wooden buildings at Sheds Unlimited combines quality building techniques with economical solutions. Each backyard utility barn is carefully handcrafted to be pleasing to the eye while maintaining the ability to protect your lawn and garden equipment from the elements. The proven quality of the backyard wood storage shed line from Stoltzfus Family workers will ensure that even the ECONOMY barns and sheds will be a great fit for your extra storage needs without draining the pocketbook.

We offer
four models in the economy outdoor shed and barn line. The cheapest is the MiniBarn, followed by the wooden Workshop know for its practical storage solutions. The Saltbox is the classiest in the economy backyard sheds line and the MaxiBarn offers the most storage space for the money.

And since Sheds Unlimited has been serving the people of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia and Connecticut for the last 20 years you can be assured that we will be here for you when you need us. Call
717-442-3281 and speak with one of our professional sales reps or email us at
Outdoor Vinyl Sheds and Barns
Wooden Outdoor Storage Sheds
The Backyard Vinyl Sheds from Sheds Unlimited provide the enduring quality of the Stoltzfus Family products combined with maintenance free storage shed designs. Each backyard vinyl shed and barn is a great choice to protect your lawn and garden equipment from the elements and will be an asset to your property value. Again we offer four models in the outdoor vinyl storage sheds. Most economical in this line is the MiniBarn vinyl sheds with the traditional barn look of the past. The A-Frame Workshop Vinyl Building offers great solutions for lots of storage needs while the Saltbox adds an extra touch of beauty with its wider front overhang. Finally, the MaxiBarn gives the maximun storage space possible among all our outdoor barns and sheds.

You can customize the portable vinyl storage shed to meet a vast array of needs. And since we serve PA, NJ, NY, CT, DE, MD, VA, WV and beyond you will even enjoy the benefits of buying an outdoor vinyl shed direct from the manufacturer in the Amish Country of Lancaster, PA. For a
free backyard shed estimate or with any questions please call 717-442-3281 and speak with one of our professional sales reps or email us at
The Backyard Classic Sheds offer the same quality construction as ecomony models with an added aesthetic touch to make your outdoor spaces even more attractive. Classic Sheds and Barns offer a compelling look with wider overhangs, fancier doors and larger windows. Each aspect of our Classic storage sheds adds to the beauty you can enjoy on your own property.

The classic buildings come in three models. The cheapest shed is the Wooden Workshop pictured to the left. Next we offer a Saltbox and also a lovely looking Gambrel storage shed with the barn style look and an overhang similar to a Saltbox. As with all of our outdoor sheds and barns, the Backyard Classic Buildings can be customized in many ways to meet your specific nees. Place the doors and windows where you wish, add more windows and doors, include a cupola for even more beauty or consider a dormer for more lighting and style.

717-442-3281 for a free estimate or request an quote via email at Be sure to include the size, style and options you are looking for in a car-garage so we can better assist you.
Classic Backyard Sheds
10x16 Wooden MaxiBarn Shed
The Saltbox
The Workshop
The MiniBarn
The MaxiBarn
The Workshop
The MiniBarn
10x14 Outdoor Vinyl Salbox Shed
The Workshop
The Gambrel
The Saltbox
The Dutch Barn
The Garden Shed
The Garden Shed
8x12 Outdoor Wooden Classic Shed
10x16 Wood Premier Garden Shed
The Workshop
The MaxiBarn
The Garage
14x24 MaxiBarn Two-Story Legacy Shed
Move up to the Premier Garden Sheds and enjoy exquisite beauty in your backyard. This newest line of outdoor garden sheds has many additional standard features. With four 24"x36" windows and four transome windows as a standard feature, this backyard storage shed has many uses. Add a workbench and convert this beautiful utility building into a potting shed, add a loft for overhead storage or transform this into a backyard chicken coop. Or check out the Premier Car Garages we offer for sale. For the ultimate in beauty, add a dormer and make your Premier Garden Shed the talk of the town.

We offer these fancy outdoor sheds in the Premier Garden Workshop and the extra traditional look of the Premier Dutch Barn. Both models are a step up from the rest and are built with your backyard in mind.

Even though Premier Line offers a steeper pitch than other buildings, with the most up-to-date in backyard shed delivery methods from Sheds Unlimited, the buildings can be delivered as a whole unit to your backyard. Call us at
717-442-3281 or email us at to learn more.
Premier Garden Sheds
This spacious Legacy Two-Story Barns and Sheds offer a solution that not only increases storage space, it comes with an elegant design which will add a special touch to your property. See a display of two-story barns and garages built by Sheds Unlimited.

two-story Legacy model comes with a full second floor and includes a standard sized stairway. Add extra windows, a dormer or countless other options to the Legacy Car Garage and enjoy the extra space combined with the exclusive beauty of a two-story building from Sheds Unlimited.

Sheds Unlimited will build your two-story outdoor building and bring it to your site in two sections. Then with a crane, we will lift the roof of the building onto first floor. It will only take a few hours to have a full two-story building ready-to-to on your property. We can also bring the building out as a prefab kit and assemble it on site. Call 717-442-3281 for a free estimate or request an quote via email at Be sure to include the size, style and options you are looking for in a
car-garage so we can better assist you.
Two Story Sheds and Barns
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