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Gathering Eggs from Mini Chicken Coop Run
Glassboard Floor on Chicken Coop
Nesting Boxes in the Hen House Coop
Hen House Roosting Barn
small cheap Hen House
Buy moveable chicken coops - Keep Your Chickens at Home
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The Mini Portable Chicken Coops

The Hen House Chicken Coop

The Chicken House Coop

The Poultry Chicken Coop - Quaker

The Amish Barn Chicken Coop

The Classic Chicken Run Coop

chicken coop for 15 hens
small chicken coop from the Amish
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barn style chicken coop
coop with wheels
easy cleaning coops
chicken house with run
backyard chicken coop
custom built Amish Coop
Sheds Unlimited Reviews 4.9 out of 5 stars based on 212 customer reviews.
The Mini Portable Chicken Coop is the perfect size (28"x42") for a small backyard and up to four chickens. It comes with two nesting boxes with an handy outside door to collect the eggs. This mini chicken house comes with one 12"x12" window, an 18"x24" door into the coop area a 10"x12" chicken door with a ramp to allow the chicken easy in and out access and an 8"x12" ventilation door above the chicken door.

Add two wheels and a handle for only $150.00 and make it easy to move this economical chicken coop from place to place. This small chicken coop is a lovely choice for the backyard chicken coop you have been dreaming off. See more of the chicken coop features of this backyard miniature chicken coop or contact us at 717-442-3281 for information on shipping and options available.
Please NOTE that SHEDS UNLIMITED is DISCONTINUING their line of Chicken Coops and Runs. However, we Do have IN-STOCK coops available at discounted prices. Visit the online chicken coop store or CALL 717-442-3281 to secure a Discounted Coop for you today!
The beautiful Hen House Chicken Coop is available in sizes 3'x4' to 6'x8'. It features one or two chicken windows three chicken nests on the 3'x4' and up to eight nesting boxes on the 6'x8' hen house coop. Standard features on the unique portable hen house include a glassboard floor, ventalation door, a roosting area and much more.

Make your small hen house easily portable by adding a chicken coop wheel system. The four wheels with a turning system can either be pulled by hand or with a small lawn tractor or ATV. It will make the job of moving your hen house chicken coop a breeze. Check out the hen house standard features, more chicken coop pictures or contact us at 717-442-3281 - Email us at office@shedsunlimited.net to place your order today.
Now you can own your own chicken house and place it in the backyard. This A-Frame Chicken House Coop is a small wonder when it comes to housing your chickens. It comes standard with painted sides and an asphalt shingle roof. Metal roof on this portable chicken house is an optional feature.

Order your chicken house coop with two to six nesting boxes. The Mini-Coop featured above offers two nestings boxes while the larger chicken coops have up to six boxes. The Chicken House Coops also feature one or two windows and a large entrance door for easy access.

See the Chicken Houe features list and do not hesitate to contact Sheds Unlimited at 717-442-3281 to learn more about having one of these lovely looking chicken coop runs in your own backyard.
This Poultry Chicken Coop combines a touch of beauty with the good-old Amish quality construction. The Poultry Chicken Coop Collection comes in sizes from 4'x4' to 8'x12'. Other sizes are available as custom orders.

Poultry coops are a great choice for the backyard and can have a wheel assembly added to ease in moving the structure. Notice the extra large door which allows you to enter the coop for cleaning or managing your poultry. And an outside swingup door gives easy access to the daily egg supply.

These poultry shed coops can be delivered anywhere in the continental USA. We offer delivery of our chicken coops directly to your property as a unit or a chicken coop kit.
Go with the best and buy an all-in-one chicken coop with a run. The Classic Chicken Coop Runs from Sheds Unlimited are quality built by the Amish and are for sale throughout PA, NJ, NY, MD, DE, CT, VA and beyond. This Chicken Coop Run offers plenty of overhead space, a door into the chicken run area, four to eight nesting boxes and an optional metal roof.

If you are serious about giving your chickens the best home, the chicken coop with a built in run is the way to go. Rather than building a chicken coop with free chicken coop plans available on the internet, call Sheds Unlimited at 717-442-3281 and find out what it will take to have a Classic Chicken Coop Run installed in your very own backyard.
For a touch of Amish Country living in your backyard, check out the portable Amish Barn Chicken Coops. They come for the same prices as the Poultry Quaker Chicken Coops with that added touch of Amish design.

This simple chicken coop plan will provide plenty of room for your chickens. It comes in the small 4x4 chicken coop to a larger 8x12 Amish barn coop. So if you are looking for a mini chicken run for a few hens, or a larger chicken coop to place on your small farm, the Amish Barn Chicken Coop can meet the need.

The Dutch Barn chicken Coops offer plenty of headroom, the standard glass board chicken coop floor for easy cleaning, one or two windows, an asphalt shingle roof, paint or stain and a host of other options. See the list of features on the Amish Barn Chicken Coop line and give us a call at 717-442-3281 if you have any questions.
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