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Wood and Vinyl Prefab 2 Car Garages
For over twenty years Sheds Unlimited has been providing homeowners with quality built two, three and four car garages. Every car garage is partially prefabricated in our manufacturing facility in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. There you will find a team of proficient shed and car garage builders who work hard to provide the best product in the industry. When you buy from Sheds Unlimited, you can be assured that the TWO CAR GARAGE you purchase will be a great asset to your property value.

Standard features on the wooden and vinyl two car garages are as follows:
- 8' side walls - Two 9'x7' Overhead Garage Doors - One 3' prehung House Door - Two 24"x36" Slider Windows - 4/12 Pitch Roof - 30 Year Architectural Shingles - Engineer stamped Truss Rafters - A choice of garage colors in vinyl and wood and more.

two car garage prices include building the garage on a concrete pad within 20 miles of our location. Sheds Unlimited will send out their own professional crew to your prepared site, and erect the car garage in just one to three days. We cover all of Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Virginia and beyond. Call 717-442-3281 for a free shipping estimate.

Sheds Unlimited offers countless customizing options for your
two car garage.Our Two Car Garages are available with an attic space in the roof with a full-sized stairway to the attic space. Also Notice the cupolas on the roof of several pictured two or three car garages. Take a close look at the garage doors on each building as well as the window placements, roofing material and much more.

We strive to offer the best service in the industry. Our extraordinary customer service along with a friendly sales and design team make the garage building experience a pleasant one. To begin with we offer
free estimates on the customized one, two, three or four car garage you have been wishing for. If you are not sure what is best for your situation, call us at 717-442-3281 and we will guide you through the process of choosing the best options for your new garage investment.

Upon ordering, Sheds Unlimited asks for a thirty percent deposit for the
customized two car garage. That allows our team to begin ordering the the supplies needed for the building which was ordered. When the hard-working team is ready to place the garage into production, we ask for another thirty percent deposit. The balance of the garage building is then due when the construction is completed.

We also work closely with each customer to prepared their car garage site. By providing a detailed garage pad preparation sheet and by conferring with the garage pad preparer, we ensure that the construction of the Garages goes according to plan. Furthermore, Sheds Unlimited also provides
free car garage plans which can then be submitted to the local town for approval. In the event that a professionally engineered plan is required, we work with the customer and an engineer to make that possible.

Call 717-442-3281 or email us at
24x24 Prefab Two Car Garage with Attic in 12/12 Pitch Roof Greenwood Lake, NY
26x26 Two-Car Garage with Attic
Space in Washingtonville, New York
24x24 Two Story Car Garage with Attic Space in Newburg, NY
28x28 Custom Detached Vinyl Garage in Dix Hills, NY
9' Walls - Attic Truss with pull down stairway
7/12 pitch roof - Built on a Knee Wall
20x25 Vinyl Two Car Garage in
Ronkonkoma, NY in Long Island, New York
24x32 Wood Saltbox 2 Car Garage - Island Heights, NJ
20x20 Custom Prefab Wooden Two Car Garage in Bridgewater, NY
20x30 Wood Saltbox Two Car Garage - Highland Falls, NY
Wooden 2 Car Garage
Custom features in this Saltbox Garage include:
- Two 9'x7' Homestead Carriage House Garage Doors with Cascade Long Panel Glass and Decorative Hardware
- 9 Lite Glass in prehung door
- 30" Custom order Wood Cupola
Standard Features
- Engineered truss rafters
- 2'6" overhang on the front
- 1' overhang on the gable ends
- 8' sidewalls
- Two 24"x36" Slider Windows (24x27 Shown)
A two-car garage such as this can be built on your property in just one day. Watch the Sheds Unlimited auto garage team in action. See the economy two car garage prices.
Wood 2 Car Garage
Custom features in this Saltbox Garage include:
- Suburst Glass in Overhead Doors
- 9 Lite Glass in prehung door
- Large Wood Cupola with Weathervane
- 4'x8' Porch
- Attic Truss
- Roll Ridge Vent
Standard Features
- Engineered truss rafters
- 2'6" overhang on the front
- 1' overhang on the gable ends
- Two 24"x36" Slider Windows (24x27 Shown)
- 8' sidewalls

A two-car garage such as this can be built on your property in just one day. Watch the Sheds Unlimited auto garage team in action.
Our Prefab Car Garage Setup Area
Sheds Unlimited services all of Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and beyond. We specialize in creating a customized building to be delivered and directly to the customer. You will find Sheds Unlimited's automobile garages in Long Island, NY, Fredrick, Maryland, New York City, Sullivan, PA, Trumbull, Connecticut, Beaverdam, VA and many other towns and villages along the way. We service Philadelphia and Bradford, PA, Baltimore, Maryland, Harrisburg, PA and every town in between. Call 717-442-3281 today for a free customized prefab garage estimate and find out the advantage of buying an Amish built car garage directly from the manufacturer. Or email us at with the details and request a price for the garage of your choice.
The Premier Car Garages come in Wooden and Vinyl models and are a great solution for protecting your car, boat or truck.
Prefab 2, 3 or 4 Car Garages come in the Economy Garage Line or the Attic Car Garages and have a host of options availble for each.
Classic One Car Garages give a touch of beauty at a reasonalbe cost. Wider overhangs and glass in the overhead door are standard.
Wooden and Vinyl Garages are the cheapest in our prefab car garages lines. But they offer the quality construction as any prefab garage from us.
Legacy Two Story Barns and Garages are a delight to any backyard. Add a dormer with plenty of space for an apartment in the second floor.
24x32 Saltbox Two Car Garage with Porch - Buy from the Amish in Lancaster County, PA
28x32 Prefab Wooden Two Car Garage Built in Smithville, Pennsylvania - See the Attic Two Car Garage Prices
24x24 Detached Workshop Vinyl Garage with 10x22 Lean-To and 12/12 Pitch Roof in Millersville, Maryland
20x40 Workshop Two Car Garage Vinyl in Doylestown, PA
19'9"x22' MaxiBarn Two Car Garage with Attic Wood Siding in Hawley, PA
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