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The Premier Garden Shed Garages are the latest in our ongoing effort to provide the best in the premade one car garage industry. This FANCY PREFAB CAR GARAGE is designed to add beauty and plenty of storage space to your property. Scroll down to see the many standard features on this 1 car garage from Lancaster, PA. We are happy that these amazingly roomy car garages will be delivered as a completed unit with the addition of a specially designed trailer being delivered in the fall of 2012. And don't forget that our delivery area reaches PA, NJ, NY, CT, DE, MD, VA and beyond. Please feel free to contact us at 717-442-3281 and speak with one of our professional sales reps or email
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It is easy to tell that in the premade and portable car garage world the Premier Garden Shed Garages are hard to beat. Combining a roomy interior with an aesthetically pleasing exterior, these premade 1 Car Garages are a fabulous choice to add both charm and value to your property.

All of our Premier
prefab garages come with the following standard features:
- Four 24x36 windows with shutters
- Four transome windows (pictured in the dormer and garage door)
- A lovely looking Homestead Garage Door with Glass
- Two
Classic Gable Vents to keep things cool during the hot summer
- A very
steep roof pitch to add interior storage space and outward beauty

We offer the Premier Garage Sheds for delivery throughout PA, NJ, NY, CT, DE, MD, VA, WV and beyond. Call us at 717-442-3281 for a
FREE ESTIMATE on any premade car garage shed with the options of your choice or email us at to find out more about having a pref fab shed garage delivered and installed on your property.
Window Features on the Premier Premade Garages include four 24"x36" slider windows in addition to four Transome Windows (pictured above the sliders). Windows can be placed on the garage shed as requested by each customer.
The Roof Line on the Premier One Car Garage offers maximum storage space in the roof area. With a Steep Roof Pitch on the Garden Garage and even more space on the Dutch Barn, there is plenty of space for overhead storage by adding a custom loft.
Add a Beautiful Cupola and Weathervane to the Premier wooden, vinyl or clapboard car garage of your choice. This will enhance the attactiveness of the already outstanding look of this beautiful portable garage.
Include a Shed Dromer to your one car garage from Lancaster, PA. Sheds Unlimited offers a variety of dormer styles for the Premier Garden Shed Collection. A dormer will add a very special touch to your new portable shed garage.
14x24 Premier Garden Car Garage
Optional prefab garage features pictured: Shed Dormer, Cupalo/W-Vane,
Six Extra Transome Windows, Four Flower Boxes with Braces
Choose your Car Garage Colors
Customize Your Prefab Garage with Options
Garden Shed Style
Dutch Barn Style
Premier 1 Car Garage Specifications
Premier Prefab Garages offer a Homestead Garage Door with Glass. oof Line. Included is the black hardware to even further enhance the look of this fancy portable car garage. Standard color is white while the Door in the photo is Clay
Add a Shed Loft to the Premier Garden Shed of your choice. This will enhance the use of a Premier 1 car garage substantially. Lofts are available for custom ordering. Or upgrade to a full Two-Story Garage and experience a full attic area.
Premier Prefab Standard Garage Features
Classic Gable Vents are included in the Premier One Car Garages. These gable vents in the car garage will allow for clear airflow during the hottest days of the year. Add Ridge Vent to your Prefab Car Garage or a Vented Cupola for more venting.
A 3'x9' Pressure Treated Garage Ramp is the best solution for making your portable car garage ready to use at any moment. The sturdy ramp built with 2"x6" planks will hold a car, truck or small lawn equipment.
Optional Premier Car Garage Features
14x24 Premier Garden Car Garage - Holmdel, NJ
Optional pre fab garage features pictured: Clapboard Siding, 8' Shed Dormer, Cupalo/W-Vane, Ridge Vent, Six Extra Transome Windows, 3'x9' Ramp, Custom Trim Color
The Premier Car Garages come in Wooden and Vinyl models and are a great solution for protecting your car, boat or truck.
Prefab 2, 3 or 4 Car Garages come in the Economy Garage Line or the Attic Car Garages and have a host of options availble for each.
Classic One Car Garages give a touch of beauty at a reasonalbe cost. Wider overhangs and glass in the overhead door are standard.
Wooden and Vinyl Garages are the cheapest in our prefab car garages lines. But they offer the quality construction as any prefab garage from us.
Legacy Two Story Barns and Garages are a delight to any backyard. Add a dormer with plenty of space for an apartment in the second floor.
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