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Chicken House with Wheels

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Chicken house for 3 Chickens
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Chicken house for 3 Chickens
Cost of a small chicken coop
Small Hen House with Wheels
Easy Access to Nesting Boxes
Egg boxes on the portable mini coop are within easy reach. Even a child can open the small chicken coop nesting hatch for the daily egg collection. The Backyard Mini-Coop includes two chicken nesting boxes.
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Chicken Coop Access Door
This 18"x24" access door allows easy access to the main chicken area. If you need to clean the pen or add feed to a chicken feeding inside the pen, this coop access door is the best place to get in.
Chicken Coop Entry Ramp
The 30" chicken coop ramp gives your chickens an easy way to get in and out of the coop. They can go outside and roam around the backyard or into the optional chicken coop run.
Glass-Board Flooring Inside the Coop
As in all of our chicken coops, we offer glass-board flooring for ease of cleaning. This smooth surface makes cleaning the portable Mini Chicken Coop a breeze.
Chicken Coop Ventilation Door
Your chickens will be very happy for the venting door on the portable Mini Chicken Coop. It will allow for a warm breeze to enter the room and keep your chickens healthy and laying great eggs all year round.
12"x12" Chicken Coop Window
This small portable chicken coop also includes a window to allow light in. Light in a backyard chicken coop is key for the life of a healthy chicken. Even on rainy days, your chickens will enjoy the light from the outside.
Two Nesting Boxes
The two nesting boxes give this portable chicken coop the room your chickens will need to enjoy life and keep your family supplied with eggs. The nesting boxes of this coop are easily accessible from the exterior.
10×12 Chicken Coop Entry Door
The portable Mini Coop includes an 10?x12? chicken door to allow entry and exit for the chicken to roam the backyard. The featured ramp comes standard on each of the Mini Chicken Coops.
Chicken Run
This 3'x4' Chicken Run is a great addition from the smalles to the largest backyard coop. Buy this with your coop for $200.00 and give your chickens room outside with limits.
Optional Chicken Coop Wheels
Add the two wheels with handles on the Mini Coop and make moving the chicken coop a breeze. One person will easily be able to move this lovely backyard coop so the chickens can have a fresh grazing area every day!
Optional Items for The Mini Chicken Coop
Check out the many standard features of this portable 28x42 chicken coop. Chicken Coop Doors, a chicken ramp, the 12"x12" window along with easy access to the nesting boxes make this the among the best small chicken coop around. Add the wheels to the chicken coop to make the job of moving this chicken coop very simple. For more information or to place your order for a backyard chicken coops with wheels CALL 717-442-3281 – Email: office@shedsunlimited.net
The Mini Chicken Coop
is our smallest backyard chicken coop. It holds up to four chickens.
Hen House Coops and Runs come in several sizes. These coops can hold from 6 to 24 chickens.
A-Frame Chicken Houses offer a taste of tradition and practicality.They can hold from 4 to 104 chickens!
Quaker Poultry Coops and Barn Coops offer beauty and a sense of Amish tradition for your backyard.
Classic Chicken Coop Run is a delight to any backyard offering a run and coop under one roof.
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