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Sheds Unlimited is discontinuing their line of Chicken Coops and Runs. However, we do have a selection of coops in-stock available for quick delivery. Call 717-442-3281 or visit the Chicken Coop Stock List. These Discount is available to most customers within 300 miles of our location.

Buy A Portable Backyard Chicken Coop

Welcome to the Sheds Unlimited Chicken Coop Store where  you can find the best in backyard and portable chicken coops and hen houses. Here is where you will find the latest in our line of backyard chicken coops which can bring a sense of joy and satisfaction to the entire family. Our portable chicken coops and hen houses are designed with children in mind. Nesting boxes are placed at a child friendly, easy-to-access level so you and your young ones can enjoy chickens in your own backyard. Not only will the kids enjoy the excitement of caring for chickens, you and your family will get to enjoy fresh eggs year-round. Take a look around our site and please do not hesitate to Contact Us or Visit Us anytime between 7:00am and 5:00pm Monday to Friday and 10:00am and 3:00pm on Saturday. Visit our Chicken Coop QandA page to find our more or to see which zone for shipping you will fall into.

All of our portable and backyard chicken coop models offer a stunning array of STANDARD FEATURES. They include:

  • A Pressure Treated Base to protect your chicken coop
  • One Access Door for cleaning out the coop or for feeding the chickens
  • A Wire Covered Ventilation Door to keep your chickens cool during hot days
  • Glassboard flooring to make cleaning your chicken house as easy as can be
  • Tech-Shield foil-backed Sheathing to deflect the summer heat
  • A Chicken Entry Door so your chickens can go in an out
  • A 30″ Chicken Ramp for the chickens to enter and exit the coop
  • One or Two 12″x12″ Windows or 18″x23″ Windows covered with wire
  • A Choice of Stain, Paint or Roof Colors for Free
  • For more features on specific models click on the photos in the sidebar and read the “Descriptions”

All of our chicken coop collections can be customized to make it the perfect solution for your family. Add a chicken run to limit the range your chickens can enjoy in the backyard. Add an automatic chicken door, a heated roosting bar, wheels for the chicken coop or an electrical package which includes a switch/receptacle and a light. Order your chicken coop with extra options in our online store today. Or call on of our friendly office staff at 717-442-3281 and find out all you need to know about our chicken coops with runs. If you have any questions about our hen houses and poultry barns, email us at and we will do our best to answer your questions.

The Portable Chicken Coop Collections

Our most economical backyard coop is the Mini Chicken Coop for 4 chickens. This lovely looking small chicken coop has two nesting boxes, a 12″x12″ window, a ventilation window to keep your chickens comfortable, a glassbord floor for easy chicken coop cleaning and many more fancy features at the most reasonable cost in our line. The Mini Chicken Coop is a great solution for a small number of chickens in the backyard. See the Mini Chicken Coop Features or buy a chicken coop for 4 chickens online now.

We offer the Hen House Coops in the Lean-To style. These stylish looking hen houses allow for anywhere from 6-40 chickens. If you are looking for a chicken coop for 8 chickens  you will want to consider Hen House that is 4′x4′. For a chicken coop for 12 chickens we recommend a 4′x6 space. But whatever the size of chicken coop  you are searching for, whether for 2 or 20 chickens, Sheds Unlimited offers you options. Check out the standard features of the Hen House Coop line, buy a hen house online or and call us at 717-442-3281 if you have any questions.

Our Backyard Poultry Coops come in two designs. You can take you pick from the Quaker Poultry Coops or the Amish Barn Chicken Coops. Both offer large entrance doors and all the standard features which come with Sheds Unlimited of PA’s line of quality Amish built chicken coops. The Amish Barn Chicken Coop offers a sense of old fashioned design to remind one of days of yore while the Quaker Poultry Coop adds both beauty and productivity to your backyard.

See our fancy Classic Chicken Coop with a Run and you will be enthralled with its aesthetic beauty and great design. The Classic Backyard Coops features pack in a chicken coop combined with a chicken run to give your flock indoor and outdoor space under one roof. The chicken run in this coop collection typically covers half of the area and the outdoor chicken run the other half. See the features of the Classic Chicken Coop or buy this fancy chicken coop in our online store.

Whatever you are looking for in a backyard chicken coop, Sheds Unlimited strives to offer you the best around. Now, rather than going to the bother of building your own chicken coop, you can place an order online or call our office at 717-442-3281 and have a portable chicken coop delivered to your doorstep. Why wait any longer?

Backyard Chicken Coop Shipping

Sheds Unlimited offers coop delivery anywhere in the continental United States. We calculate shipping fees based on the base cost of the building and the coop shipping zone in which you might reside. Anyone within 20 miles of the Sheds Unlimited home office in Gap, PA will receive their backyard coop with free shipping. If you purchase a chicken coop along with a storage shed or prefab garage, there are substantial savings on the shipping fees. When Sheds Unlimited can deliver a chicken coop to PA, NJ, NY, CT, DE, MD, VA, WV and several other surrounding states along with the order of a shed or barn, the delivery fee is only $125.00. If you are a resident of Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Rhode Island or any other state in the continental United States, you can find out your shipping rates by visiting the online chicken coop store, choosing the model of chicken coop you like best, pick the size in the drop-down menu, add your desired options and colors then place the chicken coop in the cart. At the bottom use the shipping calculator to find out the shipping rate for your state. and are consider caring for chickens at home, then contact us to find out more about what we offer.

Why Buy Hen Houses From Sheds Unlimited?

We are a trusted family owned and operated corporation which has been providing backyard storage sheds, one car garages, two car garages and two-story buildings for customers throughout the northeastern United States for the last two decades plus. Our many years of experience in the building industry has prepared for the latest addition of chicken coops to our growing line of products. The goal of the Sheds Unlimited Tribe is to provide a superior quality product at reasonable prices with great customer service.