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10 Ideas for Portable Structures for your Backyard

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At Sheds Unlimited INC, we strive to offer beautiful portable structures which can be adapted for many different uses. Take for example the all new Two Story Portable Office structure currently in production by our building team. This 14×33 portable office structure has plenty of space for 6-8 offices and even includes a built in bathroom. Floor heating is another classic feature of this portable structure which is nearing completion (See photos below). But there are many other uses for portable shed structures from our family owned company. Here are just a few of the ideas for using Amish portable structures on your property or in your business.

Use Ideas for Amish Built Portable Structures

  1. A portable art studio structure would be the perfect solution for one who loves art, but wants to keep costs low. Simply chose any of the Sheds Unlimited backyard structures and find out how they can customize the portable structure to meet your needs.
  2. Rather than spending tens of thousands of dollars to build a photography studio, buy a portable structure and design it as a backyard photography studio. Have a home photography studio will allow you the advantage of working from home, but having your work outside the home.
  3. Since many of us work from home, portable office structures are a growing popularity. We already mentioned the newest line of two-story portable office structures available in the Sheds Unlimited line of Legacy Two-Story sheds and barns. Again, you simply customize the portable two story shed of your choice and have it finished out on the inside. Ask Sheds Unlimited about the possibility of having your office delivered as a turn-key office structure.
  4. Kids love a small area of their own for a playhouse. Take any of the Amish backyard structures from Sheds Unlimited and have it transformed into a portable playhouse structure. There are many options which could make your backyard playhouse a cozy and inviting place for the kids to enjoy their time.
  5. Buy a portable structure as a pool house structure to place next to your swimming pool. Just be sure to consider how much space you will need for a changing room, pool equipment storage and maybe even some garden tool storage as well. Sheds Unlimited offers several models of portable structures as poolhouse buildings. You might even want to buy a customized poolhouse and backyard office combined.
  6. Use a backyard portable structure as a farm storage building for spray chemicals or other items. Or add a small garage with an apartment for the extra workers needed on the farm.
  7. Create the perfect backyard library and reading room from a portable structure from Sheds Unlimited. Choose a backyard structure from our line of portable sheds and barns and ask about having it finished out inside. Your backyard library and reading room will be a lovely place for studying and quiet time alone.
  8. Looking for a chicken coop? Sheds Unlimited has those available in all styles! Buy a Premier portable structure and have it custom built as a chicken coop for your property. Now you have room for dozens of chickens in a backyard portable structure from Sheds Unlimited.
  9. For an affordable Mini House or backyard retreat, take a look at the Premier Portable Structures and order it as a finished building. Or thinking bigger and buy a two story Mini House from Sheds Unlimited.
  10. Simply looking for a quiet backyard getaway retreat? Portable structures from the Amish are a great option and an economical solution for a small backyard retreat.

Buy a Portable Structure from Sheds Unlimited

We offer many options for portable structures on your property. Call us at 717-442-3281 or email us for a free estimate on the backyard portable structure of your choice. And keep your eyes open for more news on the Sheds Unlimited office in production!

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