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Amish Storage Sheds From PA Lancaster County

Looking to buy Amish Storage Sheds built in Lancaster County? Sheds Unlimited INC offers many options to choose from. The Amish storage sheds from Sheds Unlimited come in wooden storage sheds, backyard vinyl sheds, classic storage sheds and the fancy Premier garden storage sheds. We even offer a modular two story sheds for delivery in PA, NJ, NY, CT, DE, MD, VA, WV and beyond. Call us today at 717-442-3281 to learn more or scroll down to see the options in our long line of Amish storage sheds from PA.

Economy Amish Storage Sheds and Barns

Buy storage sheds in NJ

10x14 MaxiBarn Wooden Storage Shed

First, we begin with our WOODEN STORAGE SHEDS. The Amish wooden sheds come in FOUR MODELs.

  • The Wooden MiniBarn – Economy Storage Sheds
  • The Wooden Workshop – Practical Storage Sheds
  • The Wooden Saltbox – Aesthetically Pleasing Design
  • The Wooden MaxiBarn – Most Cubic Feet of Storage

See the Amish wooden storage shed prices or visit our wooden storage sheds gallery to see examples of what we offer.

Amish vinyl sheds in PA

10x14 Saltbox Storage Shed in Vinyl

Next, we offer the economy line of VINYL Amish STORAGE SHEDS AND BARNS. These buildings follow the same design pattern of the economy wooden sheds, but add a CAREFREE VINYL into the Storage Shed package. This means there will be no painting and no upkeep on your vinyl storage sheds. Again, we offer FOUR VINYL STORAGE SHED MODELS.

  • The MiniBarn Vinyl Storage Shed
  • The Workshop Storage Shed
  • The Saltbox Vinyl Storage Shed
  • The MaxiBarn Vinyl Storage Shed
Visit our vinyl storage shed prices or see the vinyl sheds and barns gallery for more ideas. Call 717-442-3281 for a FREE ESTIMATE on an Amish Storage Shed in vinyl or email us with any questions you might have. Our profession office team will be ready to assist you with any questions you might have on our Amish-Built Storage Sheds and Garages.

Luxury Amish Storage Sheds from PA

Buy storage sheds in VA

10x14 Classic Wooden Gambrel Shed

Step up a bit and check out the CLASSIC STORAGE SHEDS. These Amish storage sheds add more style to the building with a steeper roof pitch, wider overhangs, larger windows and Z shutters plus more. We offer THREE Classic Storage Shed MODELs.

  • The Classic Workshop Sheds
  • The Classic Saltbox Sheds
  • The Gambrel Sheds

Check out the classic storage shed prices, or visit the classic sheds gallery to see ideas of what you could do for yourself.

Luxury storage sheds from the Amish

10x14 Premier Garden Sheds with Dormer

The PREMIER Amish GARDEN SHEDS are the top-of-line in our Amish storage sheds and barns at Sheds Unlimited. They are the latest and fanciest of our wooden or vinyl storage sheds from PA. The Premier Garden Sheds will add a lovely touch to any backyard. These Amish storage sheds include eight windows, a very steep storage shed roof pitch to add more space and a better looking storage shed. We offer the Premier Amish Garden Sheds in TWO MODELS.

  • The Premier Garden Sheds (A-Frame Amish Storage Sheds)
  • The Dutch Barn Sheds (Amish Barn Sheds)
  • The Premier Garden Garages
Check out the prices on Amish garden sheds in the Premier line or visit the Premier Garden Garage page to see more photos and discover what all is included. Below is a photo of a recent Premier Garden Shed Kit shipped to Michigan! Call us at 717-442-3281 to learn for a FREE ESTIMATE on an Luxury Amish Storage Shed or Fancy Car Garage including delivery to your location or EMAIL US with any questions you might have.

Two Story Modular Amish Storage Sheds

Lastly, if you are really looking for the ultimate in Amish storage sheds with lots of space, consider the MODULAR TWO STORY LEGACY SHEDS. These Two-Story modular sheds and garages combine both roomy interiors and a lovely design which can be delivered to your property as a Amish modular storage shed unit in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Connecticut, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and beyond. We are very happy to offer our Modular Two Story Sheds and Garages in TWO MODELS.

  • The Modular Two Story Workshop Sheds and Garages
  • The Modular Two Story MaxiBarn Sheds and Garages.

Here you will find the modular shed and garage prices or visit the two-story sheds gallery page to see many ideas.

Buy a modular car garage in PA

14x24 Maxibarn Legacy Modular Two Story Shed

Our Modular Two Story Sheds from the Amish are both pleasing to behold and offer an amazing amount of storage space. By adding a dormer to the Amish built modular storage shed or garage you will find the second floor even more useful. Buy a modular storage shed and the second floor can be used as an apartment space. Or simply enjoy the second floor as an extra workspace or a sweet backyard getaway.

Whatever you are looking for in the line of storage sheds and modular car garages, Sheds Unlimited specializes in selling their sheds, barns and garages direct to customers in the Northeastern part of the USA. We use the best in delivery techniques for no extra charge. Watch a shed being put into place with one of our storage shed delivery MULES.

Call us today at 717-442-3281 to learn more.

Amish Storage Shed Kits and Chicken Coops

Sheds Unlimited also offers Amish Storage Shed kits for delivery across the continental United States. Any of our storage sheds can be ordered as a prefab Amish storage sheds kit and be delivered via common carrier to any address in the lower 48 states. Visit our Amish storage sheds kit page or peruse the different styles of storage sheds by hovering on the dropdown menu on the top of this page. There you will find the options for Amish shed kits which can be shipped to Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, New Mexico and beyond. Call us today at 717-442-3281 or email us to get a special shipping quote on the Amish storage sheds kit of your choice.

Shed kits in MI

A Shed Kit Sent to Michigan!

We also ship backyard chicken coops all over the continental United States of America and might go so far as to ship them into Canada! We actually did send a chicken coop to Ontario Canada recently! Call us today at 717-442-3281 to learn more or email us with any questions.

Buy an amish made chicken coop

4x6 Lean-To Chicken Coop

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