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Outdoor Home Office Sheds in Your Backyard Garden

Working from a home office certainly has many perks to offer for those of us who are privileged enough to enjoy it. Rising gas prices make working in a home office considerably cheaper than commuting to work daily. Not-to-mention the reduction in wear and tear on a vehicle for those who work from home. But there are also many challenges related to a home office employee. I am a work-from-home new dad and have recently discovered first-hand the challenges of working from my in-home office with a crying newborn sitting nearby!. It not only distracts from the work piling up on my desk, but also creates a lot of tension within myself. While I want to give my best energies to my work while at the desk in my home office, the distractions can at times seem insurmountable!

Outdoor Home Office Sheds

Backyard Home Studio Workshop

Buy an Outdoor Home Office

So what is the solution if one is working from home? I am starting to dream of having my own backyard office shed from the company I have worked in for the past two decades! Sheds Unlimited storage sheds can be custom designed and finished inside for the perfect Home Office Shed! Pictured are a few options for creating your own backyard office space which will allow home-based workers to save the gas money and wear on our vehicles while still being able to contribute all their energies to the work at hand. With an outdoor office from Sheds Unlimited, work from home can continue with focus!
Garden Office Sheds for sale

Outdoor Garden Office

Options for Custom Home Office Sheds

Sheds Unlimited will customize your backyard home office studio to meet your needs perfectly. Not only will the backyard office be custom designed with you in mind, if you live in PA, NJ, NY, CT, MA, DE, MD, VA, WV, DC it can be delivered right to your property as a completed backyard office shed. But it you like DIY projects or wish to have a local contractors do the interior work, that is also an option with a backyard office shed from Sheds Unlimited. Buy customized DIY storage shed kit and finish out the details on the inside. Or ask Sheds Unlimited about finishing your backyard home office and have it delivered as a turnkey outdoor office.

garden shed office at home

Two Story Legacy as an Office or Apartment

Backyard Studio Shed Ideas

Or if you are simply looking for a backyard space to dream and create art or need a quite place at home for a writing studio, Sheds Unlimited also has options in that regard. Check out the home studio shed purchased by a customer in NJ. The 12′x30′ storage shed was delivered as a unit and then finished out after arriving. The customer says that the completed backyard studio workshop cost a mere $10,000 dollars including electric and insulation! Not bad for a 380 square foot workspace in the backyard. Smaller backyard studio sheds can be purchased for a small price and finished out to meet the need you have for backyard spaces.

Home Office in the Backyard

Outdoor Home Office Idea

FREE Backyard Office Shed and Studio ESTIMATES

Why wait any longer? You know that saving the hard earned gas money is not something you want to give up, you need that quite space in the backyard and Sheds Unlimited has many options for an outdoor office or backyard studio. So give us a call and we will offer you an estimate on a garden office building including delivery. Call us at 717-442-3281 or email us with your specifications and begin the process of having that garden office shed or outdoor studio delivered to your home ASAP!

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